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lClick name for bibliography if available. Number after name is approx marches written. Marches listed can be found under title search.

Albrecht, Pol - Luxembourg, 1874-1975 (62)

Alexander, Russell -  American 1877-1915  (37) 
 Publisher C.L. Barnhouse   Belford's Carnival -   Colossus of Columbia-Clip
Embossing The Emblem-Clip   Olympia Hippodrome-Clip

Allen, Thomas S. - American 1876 - 1919  (a few )

Alford, Harry L. - American 1883-1939 -  (17 plus) 
The Purple Carnival, IMP, Law & Order, Call of the Elk.

Alford, Kenneth J. - British  1881-1945  
 (Also known as F.J. Ricketts)   Composer Website includes 18 marches in MIDI format.
Piano Solo- seven marches: Colonal Bogey - Great Little Army - On The Quarter Deck - The Middy - Vanished Army - Mad Major - Voice of The Guns - (Scroll to bottom)

Kenneth J. Alford
Allaire, Ulderic, Canadian,  1901-1967  (a few)
Allen, E.W. American 1927 -  (a few)

Allier, Gabriel - French 1863 - 1924 (30 plus)

Alonso, Francisco -  Spanish 1887 -1948 (12 plus)

Althouse M.A. - American 1853 -1924 (60+)

Apelles, W.H. - American 1859-1919 (40 plus)

Arnold, Malcolm - British 1821 - ? (a few)

Azzolina, Mark - American 1925 - ? (a few)

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